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FREE Teen Support Groups

In this blog post: Norwalk Moving On support & skills groups for Norwalk teens & High School Stressor group online open to high school students

Norwalk "Moving On" program by Positive Directions & the Youth Business Initiative

This summer, Positive Directions-The Center for Prevention & Counseling was awarded an ARPA grant through the City of Norwalk for our new program: "Moving On: Support, Skills and Socials for Norwalk Teens after COVID."

This program, in partnership with the Youth Business Initiative (YBI), offers 2 types of weekly teen groups as well as monthly social events. The program responds to critical issues identified in our 2021 Norwalk Youth Survey: depression, relationship issues, self-management and self-awareness, particularly among girls and BIPOC youth.

  • Our SMART Teen skills group has been running all summer, giving high schoolers the opportunity to explore issues they're struggling with, such as vaping, partying, back to school, and more. SMART Teens teaches kids to use therapy-based tools to understand their motivations and urges, set goals, and make positive changes in their lives. Any Norwalk 14 to 18 year old can join the group at any time. The group meets Mondays from 4-5:30pm and is facilitated by Diamond Sead (Human Services Council / Robert J. Appleby School-Based Health Centers) and Victoria O'Neill (The Hub).

  • Our clinician-led groups alternate between a 10-week girls' support group (now wrapping up) and a 10-week boys' support group (starting 9/28/22). Teens can discuss mental health, grief and loss, toxic friendships, relationships, and more. Roe v Wade was a big topic in the girls' group! The groups are co-facilitated by Malaika Boyer-Seme, LPCA from Positive Directions and a staff member from YBI. The upcoming boys' group will meet on Wednesdays from 5-6pm. During each 10-week session, the teens have a Check-Up from the Neck Up day where they take a behavioral health screening and are referred to additional services they may need following the end of each group. There will be a second round of girls' and boys' groups later this year.

  • All groups meet at YBI, 11 Day Street (2nd floor), South Norwalk, and food is provided. These groups are open to any high school-aged teen from Norwalk!

  • Participating students also get the opportunity to join fun monthly social events. We had an amazing kayaking day a couple of weeks ago! Students also receive training around substance use prevention and suicide prevention.

Use this link: to learn more and register for these FREE and rewarding opportunities. Download the flyer at the bottom of this post.

Online Support Group for High School Stress by Positive Directions

Positive Directions is holding a FREE weekly High School Stressor Support Group led by Karlene Barnett, LADC! This group started on September 6th and will meet virtually on Tuesdays from 4-5 PM and all high school students are welcome, there is still time to sign up!

The group will serve as a safe place where teens can talk with each other and learn how to identify stressors and learn coping skills, deal with family/peer pressure, explore anxiety around school violence, and develop strategies to maintain grades.

RSVP here or call 203-227-7644 to learn more. Download the flyer at the bottom of this post.


Looking for support for a teen or young adult who doesn't enjoy group settings? Positive Directions also offers free one-on-one peer support for young people--online or live--with Ally, the Peer Support Specialist on the project. For more information, visit

Fall YBIPD Programs
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High School Stressor Support Group Flyer
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