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About Us

Positive Directions was established in 1971 in Westport, CT as a volunteer effort by people in recovery from alcohol addiction to bring awareness and prevention into school and community programs and support recovery. Since then, we have evolved into a 501(c)(3) non-profit behavioral health organization recognized for our expertise and service to the community.

Our vision is all individuals and families will have the skills, support, and resources they need to live a healthy life and contribute to a strong community.  To that end, our mission is to provide leadership in the community with the aim of improving the lives and health of individuals and families through both comprehensive behavioral healthcare, including addictive behaviors, and prevention leadership.

  • In our state-licensed outpatient clinic, we provide individual and family counseling to adolescents and adults with mental health, substance use, and other addiction challenges, including problem gambling. 

  • Through our community prevention programs, we help towns in mid-Fairfield County plan and implement data-based strategies to educate youth and families and change community norms to prevent substance misuse and promote mental wellness. ​​

  • Our free support groups and one-on-one peer support for youth and young adults provide a safe space and trained facilitators to help individuals and families learn coping skills and gain support for their personal journeys. 

  • And we are proud to house, the statewide peer-developed platform for youth and young adults searching for mental wellness.

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