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Training Workshops

We seek to raise awareness and provide education to parents and community members, and to support schools in delivering the best curriculum. We can provide trainings directly, develop and deliver presentations based on local issues and data, and/or coordinate and identify speakers on a variety of topics.

National & State Trainings

Our staff offer the following programs:

  • Mental Health First Aid

  • Question-Persuade-Refer (suicide prevention skills training), in English or Spanish

  • Talk Saves Lives (suicide awareness presentation)

  • Opioid education and Narcan administration (including providing a Narcan kit), in English or Spanish

  • Hidden in Plain Sight, a parent exploration of a teen bedroom to identify signs of drug use and discuss how to respond

For Youth & Young Adults

Our TurningPointCT project staff often serve as motivational speakers and offer workshops to youth and young adults:

  • Personal story of journey to recovery from mental illness and/or addiction

  • "Sensory Cafe" activity (coping skills) 

  • "How to Cope When Things Get Tough" workshop (distress tolerance)

Other Presentations

Upon request, our clinical and/or prevention staff can speak at events and provide presentations for community coalitions and other groups. We also partner with groups such as MADD, NAMI, The Hub, and others to provide education that meets the community's needs.

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