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Support Groups

Support Groups: Service

Our current support groups are listed below. We add new ones from time to time so check back! And check out The Hub's regional list of peer support groups here. There are groups for individuals who are struggling and groups for their family & friends who are also affected.

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Alternatives to Suicide Support Group

Every Tuesday at 7pm

A free, non-judgmental, non-clinical, peer-led, and confidential drop-in space where people can share difficult thoughts and feelings around suicidal ideation or experiences or self harm without being assumed to have an illness or experiencing involuntary intervention. Walk in or contact Ally at

Can't get to Westport on Tuesday nights? RIPPLE offers an online group on Friday nights. Visit for more information.


1:1 Peer Support
for Teens and Young Adults

By Appointment

TurningPointCT's Peer Support Specialist, Quinn, is offering free individual peer support to teens and young adults in Connecticut. Quinn is a young adult Recovery Support Specialist trained in Intentional Peer Support. They draw from their own experiences to connect with participants and support them in moving towards their goals. To meet with Quinn, email or text

(475) 999-2605. 

Support Group

SMART Recovery (Adult Group)

Mondays from 4pm-5pm online

Looking to break free of negative self-talk or harmful habits, or to cope with anxiety or addiction? SMART Recovery can help. SMART Recovery is a free facilitated weekly support group where you will learn practical psychology-based tools and gain social supports to help you create successful, long-term, changes in your life. SMART Recovery teaches you how to: build and maintain the motivation to change; cope with urges; manage your thoughts, feelings and behaviors; and ultimately live a balanced life. This group is facilitated by our talented counselor, Karlene Barnett. Zoom:

School Teacher

General Teacher's Support Group (CEA)

Tuesdays 7-8 pm

We understand that teaching is difficult work, and the pandemic has put even greater pressure on educators. CEA, in partnership with Positive Directions, has designed a special program that focuses on teachers' mental health needs and helps prevent burnout. Licensed clinicians will facilitate virtual group counseling sessions for CEA members. This group is offered through the CT Education Association to CEA members. Sign up through the CEA website below.

Old and Young

Alzheimer's Support Group

Every Other Thursday at 10 am via zoom

Our Alzheimer caregivers’ support group is a lifeline for families.  It is a place to turn to for advice and encouragement to help feel connected and give caregivers a sense of belonging and purpose.  The group helps put our own experiences living with dementia in perspective and provides support and encouragement to move beyond a diagnosis.  We share feelings confidentially, make friends, get help navigating the health care and legal systems, and learn from one another.

To learn more, call us at 203-227-7644.


High School Stress Support Group

Tuesdays 4-5pm (Virtual)

A free, weekly support group for high school teens led by our clinician, Karlene Barnett. This group will serve as a safe place where teens can talk with other high schoolers about school, life, relationships and more!  In this free support group, teens will learn how to identify stressors and learn coping skills, deal with family/peer pressure, explore anxieties, and develop strategies to balance their lives. All high school students are welcome! 

This group is starting Sept. 12th. Date subject to changed based on enrollment

Click here to download the flyer. 

Queers & Peers flyer 1080.png

Queers & Peers
LGBTQ+ High School Support Group

Every Friday from 6:30-8pm

Queers & Peers is a weekly online peer support group hosted by TurningPointCT's peer support specialist. This group is for LGBTQ+ High Schoolers in CT. Participation is free, voluntary, and confidential. Participants will have the opportunity to talk about mental health, identity, stress, joy, community, and more with each other.


For more information, contact Quinn at or at (475) 999-2605

Support Group Session

SMART Friends & Family Group

Every Monday from 5pm-6pm online

SMART Recovery Family & Friends is a free weekly support group to provide people with the tools they need to effectively support their loved one, without supporting that  person's addictive or harmful behaviors. SMART F&F is based on the CRAFT model, which is effective at helping someone acknowledge they need treatment. This weekly group will help you develop the coping skills you need and allow you to regain your peace of mind. Facilitated by our wonderful counselor, Karen Krupnik. Zoom: 

Teacher and Blackboard

DCF Support Group

Thursdays 5-6 pm

When a teacher is accused of improper conduct, it can be scary and stressful. CEA, in partnership with Positive Directions, has designed a special program for educators involved in Department of Children and Families investigations. The DCF Support Group will offer tools for building resilience and dealing with the emotional trauma and upheaval caused by accusations of wrongdoing and attacks on a teacher’s reputation. This group is offered through the CT Education Association to CEA members. Sign up through the CEA website below.

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