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Team Meeting

Our History

Positive Directions was established in 1971 in Westport, CT as a volunteer effort by people in recovery from alcohol addiction to bring awareness and prevention into school and community programs and support recovery. Since then, treatment and prevention programs have evolved to become more disciplined and outcome focused, and Positive Directions today emphasizes evidence-supported clinical treatment services and community-focused prevention programs.

We are now a 501(c)(3) non-profit behavioral health organization working across the continuum of prevention, treatment, and recovery. Our outpatient clinic provides counseling, recovery groups, and peer supports to youth and adults who are struggling with their mental health, substance misuse, problem gambling or other addictions.

We have also received state prevention and awareness funding continuously for more than 25 years, in recognition of our expertise as a provider of evidence-supported, data-driven, locally focused prevention programs to the communities we serve.

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