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Positive Directions Announces the Appointment of a New Board Member

Positive Directions is happy to welcome Kristen Glosserman to the board of directors, bringing the organization's number of board members to 14.

"I embraced the opportunity to join the board of Positive Directions after moving to Westport because it was a perfect blend of my background as an Executive Life Coach and Parent Educator,” said Kristen. “I hope to help make a positive impact in the Connecticut community by offering support and guidance to the organization and local students and residents."

Kristen is an executive, Certified Life Coach, Positive Discipline Parent Educator, and mother of 4. She is also the author of "If It's Not Right, Go Left: Practical and inspirational lessons to move you in a positive direction.”

"We are thrilled to welcome Kristen to the Board of Positive Directions. Her background and broad range of skills are highly relevant to Positive Directions' goal of improving the lives and health of individuals and families through our extensive programming in the community," said Positive Directions’ Board Chair, Wendy Bentivegna.

Chair of the Board

Wendy Bentivegna has been appointed Positive Directions' Board Chair, replacing Gail Kelly, who served a two-year term. Wendy previously served as Vice Chair for the preceding two-year period and has been on the board of directors since 2017. Prior to her board involvement, Wendy spent four years as Positive Directions' Grant Director, managing two State grants to address underage drinking and other substance use in collaboration with neighboring town coalitions.

Vice Chair of the Board

Mercedes Escala has been appointed Vice Chair of the Board. Mercedes has served as a director on Positive Directions' board since 2019. Mercedes is a Human Resources executive, leading Talent & Learning in the Tech industry. She has led regional and global teams in Human Resources and Corporate Social Responsibility. She is Peruvian and loves living in Westport with her husband and daughter.

About Positive Directions

Positive Directions has been providing mental health and substance use counseling and prevention services to Westport for more than 50 years. Positive Directions has an established state-licensed outpatient treatment clinic that provides counseling and medication management to adults and adolescents and accepts all insurances. In addition to the outpatient treatment clinic, they have established partnerships with the towns of Westport, Weston and Wilton on a new Counseling Assistance Program, which provides barrier-free referrals to town residents. Positive Directions also partners with the CT Education Association to deliver confidential support groups to their member teachers.

Positive Directions co-facilitates the Westport Prevention Coalition and The Norwalk Partnership prevention coalitions with the goal of preventing substance use among youth. Read about our new Teen Nights Out initiative that provides sober social activities to Norwalk teens here:

Positive Directions’ vision is all individuals and families will have the skills, support, and resources they need to live a healthy life and contribute to a strong community. To that end, our mission is to provide leadership in the community with the aim of improving the lives and health of individuals and families through both comprehensive behavioral healthcare, including addictive behaviors, and prevention leadership.

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