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Free Overdose Awareness Opportunities

Positive Directions is offering 2 free opportunities for families to gain life-saving information about avoiding or responding to an overdose. We encourage students, families, and businesses to educate themselves, since accidental overdoses now kill 2.5 times more people in the US each year than car crashes.

Narcan training for Westport residents:

On behalf of the Westport Prevention Coalition, our Prevention Director, Margaret Watt, will provide an awareness training and free Narcan kits at Toquet Hall on April 10th from 7-8pm. Learn about the evolution of the overdose crisis, how to recognize an opioid overdose, and how to use Narcan(™) to potentially save a life. 30 Narcan kits will be available to Westport residents over 18. Please pre-register here

Free Streaming of Short Film:

From April through June, Positive Directions is making the 35-minute documentary "If They Had Known" available for streaming to anyone in our local communities. The film was made by the college friends and family of Clay Soper, a college student who died after mixing alcohol and Xanax.

The film brings light to the dangers of combining alcohol with commonly prescribed drugs such as antidepressants or ADHD meds. Clay's friends talk honestly about the impact on them and what they would have done differently. To receive the streaming link via email, please sign up here.

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