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Jacalyn Clark, MS, LPCA

Licensed Professional Counselor Associate

Jacalyn joined Positive Directions as a clinical intern and graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with her master’s degree in clinical mental health in the fall of 2023.  As a journalist of 16 years, Jacalyn brings her love for people and storytelling into the mental health field. She is passionate about creating a strong therapeutic alliance with her clients and empowering clients to challenge irrational thoughts using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Rational Emotional Behavioral Therapy (REBT). As an experienced journalist, Jacalyn utilizes Narrative Therapy to help clients “rewrite” their life story, separating their problems from who they really are, reflecting their strength and their purpose. Jacalyn is dedicated to raising awareness around the effects of gaslighting

and narcissistic abuse.

In her free time, if there is such a thing, she loves to spend time with her three children, soaking up all the hugs, kisses and craziness that comes with raising three young, energetic kids.

Jacalyn can be reached via e-mail at Or by phone at 203-227-7644

Jacalyn Clark
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