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Allison Kernan

TurningPointCT - Peer Support Specialist

Allison is a credentialed Recovery Support Specialist and Recovery Coach, serving CT youth and young adults. She specializes in providing peer support for recovery from trauma, mental health, and substance use disorders. She was drawn to this work due to witnessing and surviving trauma throughout her childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood.

Through the TurningPointCT project, Ally works to improve peer support services in the state as a policy advisor and liaison to young adult treatment programs. She also offers direct peer support to youth and young adults on a limited basis.

She graduated Gateway Community College and received an Associates degree in Drug and Alcohol Recovery Counseling. She gained experience counseling through interning at CT Counseling Centers and working at Recovery Network of Programs. Ally continues to further her personal recovery through therapy, peer support, and meditation. She is a SMART Recovery Facilitator, Narcan Trainer, and is also a Recovery Coach Academy Trainer.

In her free time she enjoys spending time with her loved ones, her pets, and publishing her first book.  


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