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Welcome Emily!

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Positive Directions is excited to announce that Emily Farrell has joined the Positive Directions team as our new Office Administrator & Clinic Coordinator! Emily is in her second full week at Positive Directions, and boy has she hit the ground running. Emily will be handling new referrals, assisting clients with questions, and scheduling counseling appointments, along with a whole slew of other things! Emily can be reached directly by calling our main number at 203-227-7644 x820 or by email at Learn more about Emily in her full bio here:


As a reminder, clients can reach their counselors directly by calling our main number and dialing their extension. A full list of our clinical team is below.

Bob Vietro, LADC, ICGCII – 203-227-7644 x826

Colleen Maloney, LMSW –, 203-227-7644 x835

Danielle Glick, LPCA –, 203-227-7644 x837

Karen Krupnik, LPC –, 203-227-7644 x834

Karlene Barnett, LADC –, 203-227-7644 x838

Malaika Boyer-Seme, LPCA –, 203-227-7644 x829

Robin Kallman, LCSW –, 203-227-7644 x839

Suzanne Gallagher, APRN –, 203-227-7644 x840

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