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Positive Directions is Giving Back

With GivingTuesday quickly approaching, the Positive Directions team will be showing its generosity and giving spirit by donating and collecting items for the citizens of Haiti. Giving doesn't always have to be a monetary donation; we all have something to give.

Haiti was hit with a devastating 7.2 magnitude earthquake on August 14th, 2021, and they have been in disarray ever since. As our way of participating in this global movement of kindness and generosity, we are collecting donations of items that the Haitian Health Foundation (HHF) has identified as most needed at this time. All donations received by Positive Directions will be delivered to the HHF on or immediately following GivingTuesday, November 30th, 2021.

If you feel inspired to help, as we do, please stop by and drop your items in our donation box located in the hallway of our office at 90 Post Road West, Westport. The list of items needed is placed below.

About Haitian Health Foundation

"For several decades, Haiti has experienced great social and political instability, thus impacting access to basic healthcare, food insecurity, and clean and safe housing. Haiti is one of the poorest nations in the Western hemisphere, with a per capita gross domestic product (GDP) of $1,179. Chronically high levels of poverty, as more than half the population lives below the poverty line of $1.25/day, coupled with soil erosion, declining agricultural productivity, and high population growth have all combined to make obtaining adequate food and any other basic things, such as health care, education, and housing a daily struggle for many Haitians. The Haitian Health Foundation, for nearly 40 years, has been serving a population that now exceeds 250,000 people by meeting their basic healthcare and dental care needs, providing access to formal education, and through our many community development projects." To learn more about the amazing work they do; check out their website:

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