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It's OK to Not Be OK: When & How To Get Help

Mental illness is on the rise. Whether you are struggling with depression, anxiety, grief, substance use, or other issues, help is available!

Times of transition, like the start of a new school year, can be challenging for adults and children and may exacerbate existing mental health issues or create new ones. It is normal to experience stress, fear, or anxiety when entering into a new environment under normal circumstances, let alone navigate the complexities of COVID-19 quarantines and mask mandates. Knowing what local resources are available is a crucial first step.

Last week Positive Directions was thrilled to host "It's OK to Not Be Okay," a 30-minute informative presentation for the Town of Wilton. We hope you will watch and learn more about when and how to get help.


If someone you know is experiencing a mental health crisis, it helps to have the Crisis Text Line and Suicide Lifeline already saved in their phone. Please share our flyer below to encourage your family and friends to store those numbers in their contact lists and to spread the word that the National Suicide Lifeline is converting to the easy-to-remember 988 number starting in July 2022.

Download flyer here:

PD Crisis Flyer
Download PDF • 104KB

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