The Boomerang Generation: A Support Group for Parents of Young Adults

Meets Biweekly: Tuesday evenings 6:00-7:00pm

Just when you thought parenting would get easier because your child is now an adult, it happens. Your child comes home from college and assumes the old house rules don’t apply anymore. Or a child moves in after college, or graduate school, or divorce and you’re not sure how flexible to be about household duties, finances, significant others sleeping over, etc. Even if your young adult children don’t live with you, it’s hard to know when (and how) to back off and let them manage their own lives. They are making so many important life decisions in their twenties!

Join us and give yourself the gift of support from other parents who understand first hand your experiences. We’ll share stories and information on how we have handled things with our children. We’ll also look information about brain development and how that impacts our interactions with our adult children.


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