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Updated: Jul 13, 2021

We are thrilled to announce that is now housed at Positive Directions! is Connecticut's online mental wellness resource by and for young people. It's an amazing resource, created entirely by teens and young adults to provide information and support to guide their peers in the search for mental wellness.

  • a place to realize that no matter what you may be dealing with, you're not alone

  • a safe space for young people to share their struggles and journeys

  • a Q&A guide to learn about pathways to wellness and how to navigate the behavioral health system

  • a media room for young people to watch or share videos, art, or other creative expressions

  • a resource map where people around the state have uploaded their recommendations for activities, supports and services near them

  • a regular podcast

  • multiple social media channels, including TikTok and Discord

  • speakers and resource tables for campus events

  • occasional online drop-in social events for young people, such as the 4 events over the December holidays

  • ...and check out The TurningPointCT Collection -- the brand-new newsletter created by the current intern team!

Meet Ella!

Ella Moore is TurningPointCT's Peer Leader, who just received her Recovery Support Specialist certificate. (Congratulations, Ella!)

She brings her personal lived experience with mental illness to the job as an advocate and peer supporter, along with her graphic design and communications skills. Ella works with a group of interns to develop new content, manage the website and social media, create podcasts, and participate in campus events. Other project staff include Eliza McNamara, the former project leader, who facilitates a weekly SMART Recovery teen support group online, and a new social media assistant.

The young people involved with TurningPointCT use their personal experiences with mental illness and/or substance misuse to share ideas, resources, and positivity with their peers. All teens & young adults are welcome to visit the site and upload their stories, art, videos, and more!

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