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Dominique Harris

Project Assistant

Dominique joined as the project assistant in September 2021.  She is a mental health advocate that is passionate about ending the stigma that surrounds mental health as well as helping those who may not have any advocates.

Dominique also works as a paraprofessional at her local middle school in Southeastern CT, she absolutely loves her students and wants nothing but the best for them. It’s one of the main reasons why she is currently pursuing a BA in Psychology at Southern New Hampshire University. She hopes to become a school psychologist someday so that she can provide the best mental health care for her current and future students.

Most of Dominique’s experience comes from the work she did with and for her high school robotics team, 2168 The Aluminum Falcons. While on the team she helped with various projects including contacting sponsors, applying for awards, coordinating outreach with peers and everything in between! She hopes to use her prior knowledge to bring new ideas to the table at Turning Point CT.

Dominique is a very bubbly, kind but old soul and she uses baking while listening to music as way to cope when things are hard. She absolutely loves Earth, Wind and Fire, they’re her favorite music group and such a big part of who she is. All her friends will tell you how much that group means to her. Their music is just so uplifting and has been such a positive influence on her life. Her favorite thing to bake is bread and her favorite EWF song is September. She also absolutely loves giraffes, they’re her favorite animal.

She hopes to make a difference in the world even if it’s just a small one.

Dominique can be reached via email at

Dominique Harris: TeamMember
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