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Dez Chapman (he/they)

Project Assistant

Dez joined as the project assistant in October 2022.

Dez is part of the gender expansive (transgender), BIPOC, neurodivergent and spiritual communities. He is someone who navigates the struggles of gender dysphoria, the recovery components of complex PTSD, sensory difficulties of Autism, and systematic stigmas/stereotypes. As an advocate, Dez is passionate about ending the stigma that surrounds mental health and culture. He is also passionate about helping people feel comfortable with themselves and their uniqueness.

Dez is currently pursuing a BA in General Psychology with a minor in Sociology at Bay Path University. Professionally, he hopes to become a founding theorist of Parapsychology and a book publisher surrounding the decolonization of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual in psychology. Outside of psychology, Dez is working towards the publication of his poetry/art book in the near future.

Most of Dez’s experience comes from the work he did in middle and high school at CREC Academy of Aerospace and Engineering. There, he developed a hands-on understanding of robot programming, computer science, web development, art/photography, journalism, music and digital engineering. He hopes to use his prior knowledge and experiences to bring new ideas to TurningPointCT.

Dez is a unique, old soul who really enjoys researching, developing theories, playing his guitar/piano and creating art/poetry while listening to music. He listens to music of different languages and genres, as he believes music is universal and speaks to the emotions of the soul. When things get hard, he blindfolds himself or closes his eyes to play his instruments and create art to let out emotions as a method of coping. During any moments of spark, he writes poetry.

Dez is also a psychic medium and often spends his time sharpening his gifts through mindful practices. He loves being in nature; specifically near streams of water surrounded by trees and big rocks. He finds it refreshing to connect with the earth and often finds himself helping injured animals.

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