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Jennifer Hrbek

Executive Director

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Jennifer joined Positive Directions with a wealth of experience in the non-profit sector.  Prior to joining the agency, she spent nearly a decade at the Women’s Business Development Council where she was instrumental in leading program development and community partnerships in support of female entrepreneurs throughout the state.  Additionally, she spent time as a therapist in an outpatient counseling center conducting therapy with adolescents, adults and seniors.  Her clinical experience also extends back to her work at Silver Hill Hospital working with those struggling with mental illness and co-occurring disorders.


Jennifer enjoys a strengths-based approach to her work with clients.  She strives to create a safe and trusting environment that allows for self-discovery, healing and change.  Jennifer is passionate about helping individuals connect with their abilities, talents and resources to overcome personal struggles.  Her clinical experience facilitates her work with clients with anxiety and depressive disorders, substance misuse, trauma and personality issues.  In addition to being a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Jennifer is also a Certified Financial Social Worker.  She brings a unique psychosocial approach to helping clients examine their thoughts, feelings and attitudes towards managing their personal finances.  Jennifer graduated at the top of her class at Fordham University (MSW) and received special recognition for her contributions to the field from the National Association of Social Workers (NASW).


In her free time, Jennifer loves spending time with her family.  Jennifer proudly serves as the Board Chair for the Mary J. Sherlach Counseling Center in Trumbull and is also actively involved in the Alzheimer’s Association.

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